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Thrill of the Kill


Thrill of the Kill

I am the phantom

That lurks in your dreams

I am the traveler

Of the dark in-between

I can sense your fear

I smell it in the air

And though you cannot see me

You know that I am there

            The things that are hidden from the eyes always fascinate me. What I mean by this is that I always wanted to see the imperceptible, the side of a person that is full of vulnerability or madness, the part of a person that is dark. Every one of us has a weakness and seven devils that we do not want the world to see, we make sure that we put our best masks in front of hundreds of eyes because we are too afraid to be criticized and in doing so, we tend to confuse ourselves of which side to follow especially when this dark side of us is alive and breathing like us.

            The painting that I chose was painted by Santiago Caruso called The Moon in Shadow and the poem that I chose was written by Briana Blair called Thrill of the Kill. By looking at the painting and also the poem’s title, immediately I get this feeling of mysteriousness, sinister, and darkness in it, like there is something deeper and more than what one’s eyes could see. The obvious image that I can see in the painting is the woman who seems to be a divinity that lives and controls the night and the moon. In analyzing the painting, it is three-dimensional in which the foreground is the flowing cape of the night goddess, the middle ground is the moon and the background is the night sky or the universe. It has dark hues, generally composed of dark navy blue, black, grey, and grayish brown but it also has a bright hue such as dirty white; the value is dark and the intensity is a little bit dull. The texture of the night goddess is soft and it is achieved through colors and brushstrokes and the texture of the moon is rough and it is also achieved through colors and brushstrokes. The painting is asymmetrical; the free flowing cape of the night goddess on the right side is balanced by her rod and the stones of the moon on the left side. There are also patterns, which are seen in the edges of the rocks and the night goddess’ rod and fingers. The stars are also repeated. And there is an arrested movement; it seems like the night goddess is commanding and free-floating.

            The poem is all about a dark force that lives and breathes in a person’s dream or universe. It knows him and it knows his fear. It is one with him. The painting The Moon in Shadow best represents this poem because they both tell a story about the other side of a person that only exists inside him. The poem’s first two lines say a lot about the painting, “I am the phantom, that lurks in your dreams”. A phantom or a shadow is generally a dark representation of one’s self, a person’s shadow cannot come from another person that is why it is one with the person. As one can see, in the painting the night goddess seems to be a human being, a woman who has a face of the moon showing it’s dark side. This night goddess has a free flowing black cape that covers her legs which could mean that she was covered by this black cape before showing her upper body, this could mean that she is a phantom or a shadow that just showed her identity. She is also floating in a universe or a night sky, which could mean she lives in a place that only exists during sleep and dreaming. The next line in the poem is “I am the traveler, of the dark in-between”. The night goddess in the painting does not only seem to be floating, she is also in an arrested movement in which she seems to be moving, like a wanderer in that dream. The rest of the poem’s lines can be represented by the painting’s meaning. In my opinion, the dream here, both in the painting and the poem, is not only limited in a literal sense. Dreams are full of symbolisms that reflect what one views, feels, fears and perceives, therefore dreams are our inner world. This dark side of every person, the night goddess in the painting and the phantom in the poem, is one with them. Even though these dark sides can’t be seen because they are being hidden from the world, every person knows that they exist and they are a part of themselves. The dark side is really not the scary things that its name implies but it is mostly about the things that a person cannot resist and he thinks society will criticize or will not accept, therefore he will continue to hide it and will only make it exist in his “dreams”.


“The Shadows in the Dark”

As long as Harry can remember, all through his childhood years,
There lived a Shadow in his bedroom, that feasted upon his fears.
Hiding in the darkness, yet darker than the pitch black night
The Shadow was always moving, forever staying just out of sight.

In the corner of his eye, he can see the Shadow creep
It’s prolly because Harry’s been bad, and for his sins he’ll reap.
He can never quite look at it, though he’ll always try,
And he knows that the night he falls asleep, is the night he’ll die.

Savouring in his terror, the Shadow breathes in Harry’s soul
And year after year of staying awake, eventually takes its toll.
Struggling with all his might, Harry finally feels his eyes close,
And the Shadow smothers him from his head down to his toes.

The last thing Harry sees, as his soul is stolen at last
Is the shapeless void of darkness, filled with sins of the past.
And the last thing that he feels, is an endless sense of dread
Echoed by his mother’s screams, as she finds him dead in bed.

(Thank you to the Amazing Samantha of other-side-of-the-universe.com for giffing this for me!)

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Its Autumn! Time to make some Autumn art!

Planning to paint this guy up in the next couple weeks. 


moon bear


Soul oil on board. 8”x10”. 2009. By Chrystal Chan